4 Ways to Bring the Joy Back into Eating

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4 Ways to Bring the Joy Back into Eating

4 ways to bring the joy back into eating

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy eating. I look forward to it, I wonder what my next meal will be, and who I will eat with. So many of our social gatherings are centered around food. On a diet, it can be increasingly hard to go out with friends, or even find something you want to eat, not just that fits on your restricted diet plan. It is frustrating that something I once loved, now becomes a nightmare.

Have you had this experience? Especially when counting calories or points, on low fat diets, and other methods of trying to lose weight, you feel deprived. You end up feeling sorry for yourself that losing weight is so hard.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are four tips on bringing the joy back into eating:

1. Add fat

If you are currently on a low fat diet, please stop! Fat is essential for our bodies, and tastes great. Since starting to eat according more to the ketogenic diet, I feel full so much easier and really enjoy flavorful foods. As an added bonus, it is very healthy for you! I recommend the book Keto-Adapted if you want to learn more. Maria explains everything very well, and there are even some recipes in there and supplement ideas to help you stay full.

Eating fat is a super easy and healthy way to put joy back into eating!

2. Get a new cookbook or try a new meal

Sometimes something as simple as getting a new cookbook or trying a recipe you have been saving from Pinterest can get you out of your funk. If it works out, you have a new recipe to add to your schedule. If not, you can try another until something works. 

It is exciting to try new foods and helps keep us from being bored. I recently tried the fat bomb recipe from The Ketogenic Cookbook. It was easy and I was excited because it looked pretty. Then I ate one and realized it was way too sweet! I don’t know what I did wrong, and the flavor was great, but I am sure I added too much Swerve or something like that. But, you know what? I am excited to try it again. I think the kids will love them, and they are a great way to get us all to get more high quality fat. 🙂

Finding joy in this lifestyle and trying new things are parts of the process. Don’t be afraid to mess up and try again.

3. Find a friend and take turns cooking

One of the hardest parts of sticking with healthy eating is that I love to go out to dinner, especially with friends. But that makes it hard to know the quality of the food you are eating and actually pick the best items on the menu. Instead of going out to eat with friends, why not cook for them? I have a girls’ night every few weeks and lately I have been trying to cook for them more. It is even better if you can trade off and then you don’t have to cook as often!

4. Have a cheat meal, but don’t let it turn into a cheat weekend

It is okay to splurge a little, however that looks for you. For some with severe food allergies, obviously you need to be very selective on what that “cheat meal” looks like, but for others, maybe just a favorite meal that doesn’t fit your typical style of eating.

Here’s the catch though: Don’t let a meal get you off track. For me it is weekends. When I get off schedule and relaxed, (and when I actually have more time to cook) I tend to get lazy. Ironically, I am much better during the week when I am working, taking kids to school, and trying to get everything done, including making dinner. 

It is easy to fall into that trap of one cheat meal leading to a weekend to “screw it, I will eat whatever I want.” I have done it so many times. If you do too, maybe try cutting the cheat meal out if it is a trigger for you. You can always add it back in later. The main thing is to keep trying and never give up!

Bonus: Your taste buds change

Okay, I know I said four tips, but here is a bonus. Over time your taste buds change and you don’t want the crappy food so much. You will start to enjoy healthy foods and once you get to that point, it is so much easier to stick with it! Keep trying! You will get there and it will get easier over time.

Do you have any suggestions for enjoying healthy food? I’d love to hear them!



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  1. Karen Thomas says:

    Very good tips! I think that most people just need to understand that a cheat meal is just one meal and as long as you can move forward from it, you are in good shape. Enjoy yourself, but be healthy!

  2. Absolutely! It is something to look forward to as long as it doesn’t get you completely off track.

  3. Brenda says:

    Love this! My husband and I have made a New Years resolution to start eating healthier, as he’s getting older and heart disease runs in his family. We’ve done really well since the beginning of the year. It hasn’t been too, too horribly hard to change our habits up….and we take our daughter and go to the farmers’ market on the weekends and stock up on fresh fruit and veggies for the week. I love smoothies. 🙂 And we agreed to have one cheat during the weekend, but to be honest, we feel so much better after changing up our eating habits, that we no longer use our “cheat days”….And we all cook together, as we always have, and it’s helped our daughter to eat better along with us. And Pinterest…..there are so many variations of various recipes you can find on there. You really have no excuse for trying out on of them, if you aren’t one to buy cookbooks and such. And yes, we heard from well-meaning friends to “cut out the fat”…..ummm, no. Our body needs fat, but cut out the bad ones.

    • Jen says:

      That is great! It sounds like you are making really positive changes! I need to get the kids involved in helping cook more. That might especially help the “picky” one! 🙂

  4. Grace says:

    I have a cheat day every Saturday, but in have to remember to keep it under control becuase sometimes I do go overboard on cheat day. :/ I do love the idea of trying new recipes. I do like to experiment in the kitchen. This might be a fun idea to do with a friend!

  5. Julie Sanders says:

    I love being able to cook for other people, so my husband and I started having other couples over once a month. we have a nice circle of friends and they all appreciate a good meal. thanks for the tips!

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