5 Workouts to Try This Month

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5 Workouts to Try This Month

5 workouts to try this month image

I love spring. It is my favorite season. The weather gets warmer, and all the flowers come out. It also reminds me that summer is around the corner, and I want a fresh start at getting in shape! I just finished The Master’s Hammer and Chisel a few days ago, so I started looking for a new workout to keep up the changes in my body and continue to improve.

Here are five workouts that are great any time of year, but are perfect for spring and getting fit for summer!

No. 1: Try a new fitness challenge.

In my Fit & Healthy Planner, I have created 12 different fitness challenges that are 30 days long. At the beginning of the month, I have decided to start the Total Body Challenge. (You can get it free here.)

Short on time? Try this 6 minute workout. Do the workout daily, and you will see improvement in your endurance and flexibility. Don’t forget that no exercise will fix eating crappy food.

No. 2: Play a sport (or find a workout buddy).

Finding a workout buddy or participating in a sport can help you be accountable, which makes it that much harder to quit. In addition, it makes things more fun and interesting, which also makes you less likely to quit. Remember that consistency is key to seeing massive results.

A study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine revealed that exercising with a workout buddy significantly improves your chances of weight loss success.

No. 3: Get your 10,000 steps.

I love my new Fitbit. I have gone through several, wearing them out, but the new Fitbit Alta is my favorite so far. It is sleek, has a great clock function, will notify me of texts and calls, and even can detect when I am working out and will record it for me. But the best thing is, since I sit at a desk most of the day, it will vibrate once every hour if I have not gotten at least 250 steps in. This has really helped me reach the 10,000 mark because sometimes I get so focused on my work that I won’t get up for hours. Now that I am reminded, it is easy to get even more than the 250 steps an hour because I am already up.

Reaching 10,000 steps isn’t going to get you shredded, but it is much healthier than sitting all the time, which has been compared to smoking in terms of the damage it does to your health.

No. 4: Take up running.

Some people love running. I am not one of those people.

But, in an effort to get my 10,000 steps in, I have started running occasionally so that I get the steps faster! 🙂 Running is great for your heart, and has a host of benefits. It also has the advantage of being cheap. You can run outside for free, or join a gym at a nominal cost. Plus, if you run outside, the fresh air can really do you some good. I personally like running in the spring is the best because the cool air is just right and you get to see so many beautiful flowers growing.

No. 5: Start a Beachbody workout. 

Now that I have finished The Master’s Hammer and Chisel (which I loved, by the way…it focuses on strength training…I highly recommend it), I have started a new 90 day program that will bring me to the start of summer.

I am doing P90X3. This will be the second time I have completed this program. It is hard, but a lot of fun. And, I love that you get a great workout in, and all of the videos are 30 minutes, so you know what to expect.

What workout will you try this month?


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  1. Julie Sanders says:

    Not that I wouldn’t take up running at some point, but I want to make sure that I am ready for it when I do. I think I am going to take up Yoga and really get back into tennis as a start. Maybe the running will come at some point.

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