Book Review: The Art of Healthy Eating – Kids

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Book Review: The Art of Healthy Eating – Kids

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One of the biggest hurdles to sticking with healthy eating, for me, has been answering the question, “What can I feed the kids that is healthy, easy, and that they will actually eat?” I am not one of those people who love spending lots of time in the kitchen. Before I started this journey to lead a healthier lifestyle, I was content to feed the kids mac and cheese and spaghetti-o’s frequently. (If you do that, don’t feel guilty…I know it is convenient and easy…I just made baby steps to healthier meals for the kids, and you can too!) But since I have learned how important healthy eating is, I really struggled with what I could feed the kids that they would like. Then I found the cookbook The Art of Healthy Eating – Kids.

I have one child with many food allergies, but who will eat almost anything (thank goodness!), and I have one who is extremely picky. So, that can make it a challenge to eat right! But this book gave me some great recipes that both kids liked and requested. They weren’t all winners, especially with my picky eater, but it gave me hope that even if I could make a few kid-friendly options, I could move in the right direction.

I highly recommend checking out this book if you want to adopt a paleo or ketogenic lifestyle, but the kids are holding you back. It has tons of easy recipes for items kids know and recognize, like hot dogs, quesadillas, pizza, and lots of dessert options.


The Art of Healthy Eating – Kids Cookbook Overview

I highly recommend checking out this book if you want to adopt a paleo or ketogenic lifestyle, but the kids are holding you back. It has tons of easy recipes for items kids know and recognize, like hot dogs, quesadillas, pizza, and lots of dessert options.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of the book, as well as some of my recommendations to help make it easier.

  1. the art of healthy eating - kids cookbook imageI love having options for healthy recipes that kids recognize as “normal” food.
  2. Most of the recipes are easy to follow, even for someone like me. 😉
  3. There are so many options! I haven’t even had time to try them all, but even getting a few is worth the price of the book to me, since between food allergies and picky eaters, it can be hard to come up with anything.
  4. There is a lot of information about what goes into pre-packaged food. It is kind of discouraging, but I always feel that it is better to know and be prepared.
  5. A lot of the recipes are freezable, making it easier to pack healthy lunches without having to cook in the morning.
  6. There are beautiful photos in The Art of Healthy Eating! This might not seem like a huge pro, but when I can show the kids the cookbook and they can pick out what looks good to them, that is half the battle right there. My picky one is especially visual. 
  7. Many of the recipes have the same ingredients, and while you might not have them on hand at first, it is easy to make a lot of the recipes without having to go back to the store (or order them on Amazon).
  1. They haven’t liked all of the recipes, but that is to be expected.
  2. They do call for some special ingredients. Like I stated earlier, most of the ingredients will be used in multiple recipes, so it isn’t as hard of a decision to buy them.
  3. I do like the helpful tips and all the information on harmful ingredients in pre-packaged foods. However, I think it would be better organized if there was a section on education, and then the rest of the book could just be recipes. I fix this by adding the recipes that are winners to my own cookbook. You can get a printable recipe card in my planner bundle here for free.
  1. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the choices. Pick a few recipes (or, better yet, let the kids pick them), and start slow. 
  2. Any winners can get added into your own recipe collection, and added into your meal rotation.
  3. Buy items like almond flour or other ingredients you find yourself using a lot in bulk.
  4. Take advantage of your freezer! If a recipe can be frozen and the kids like it, make a bunch and freeze them for easy, no excuse meals.


Have you tried The Art of Healthy Eating – Kids? Is there a healthy eating for kids cookbook you love? Please share!



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