Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids – and Adults!

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Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids – and Adults!

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Halloween is a time that sometimes makes me cringe. It can be hard to have a healthy halloween with all the temptations around. Partly because I don’t want my kids eating so much candy, and partly because it tempts me too! I love a good Butterfinger or Snickers bar and having them in the house after trick or treating makes it hard to resist. Even more of an issue is that we often go to parties before trick or treating filled with deliciously unhealthy options. This year, I have found a great way to make Halloween fun for the kids without going to crazy on the candy, and as a bonus, these are cute ideas to take to any gatherings you might have.


Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

Try these 6 recipes for healthy halloween treats for kids – and adults!

(Note: These have a lot of fruit, and some unhealthy ingredients, but are still much better than more traditional choices…and they are cute! . As a bonus, most of them have even more ideas you could try, depending on what you have in your home or your tastes.)

healthy halloween monster eyeballs


Spooky Eyeballs

These are very simple and it would be fast to do a lot of them at once to fill up a party tray.


healthy halloween boo-nanas and orange pumpkins image


Boo-nanas and Orange Pumpkins

I have seen the bananas everywhere, and I think they are really cute. The oranges (or clementines) would be cute to stick in the kids’ lunches too.


healthy halloween image 3-monster-faces


Silly Monster Faces

These look easy to do, and can be changed up each monster. Put one eye or two (or more). Use a strawberry for a tongue or leave it out. You could also vary the teeth.




Celery Mummies

I tried to find savory and veggie recipes too, since most of the ones I found were very fruit-heavy. This one is great for a kids’ snack, on a  party tray, or even in their lunches.


healthy halloween image 5-cute-halloween-deviled-eggs


Healthy Halloween Deviled Eggs

These are cute, look easy to do, and I like having another savory recipe in here. And, they are adult friendly also. In addition, I saw some cute “Devilish Eggs” for a spookier party.


healthy halloween image 6-bride-of-frankenstein-dip


Bride of Frankenstein Dip

I love having a dip in here, especially guacamole. You could use your favorite guacamole recipe, and just use the photo as an example on how to decorate it. This one is great for kids and adults.

Have any (healthy-ish) Halloween snacks your kids love? Please share!


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