Review: Beachbody Yoga Studio – A Collection

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Review: Beachbody Yoga Studio – A Collection A set of yoga specific workout videos from Beachbody on Demand from your favorite trainers!

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My favorite kind of exercise is strength training. I love feeling strong and seeing progress made either through increasing reps or the amount of weight I can lift. Yoga is something that hasn’t been as attractive to me, although there are an insane number of documented benefits. I think part of the reason is because I tend to get bored with the same moves and trainers over and over. Plus, a lot of the yoga videos I have done have been very long, and I really like getting in and out of a workout in 30 minutes if possible. But the Beachbody Yoga Studio has fixed those issues!

Now, you can get all of Beachbody’s yoga videos are in one place, organized by trainer. With Beachbody on Demand, you can get the benefit of owning all of these workout programs for a fraction of the cost. I can quickly go through the videos and select one based on whatever variable I choose. For instance, I may want to do all of Tony Horton’s yoga videos, or try a new trainer like Jericho. I am also able to select on based on how much time I have or whether or not any equipment is required.

Workouts in the Beachbody Yoga Studio

What are the types of videos that are included in the Beachbody Yoga Studio? Basically, they have formed a collection of all the individual yoga videos in any of the programs Beachbody offers. For instance, the yoga video from P90X, p90X2, and P90X3 are all included under Tony Horton, as well as his One-on-One program, and a multitude of others. Some of the workouts are only available on Beachbody on Demand.

The categories are from the following trainers: Tony’s Yoga, Autumn’s Yoga, Chalene’s Yoga, Jericho’s Yoga, and Gillian & Teigh’s Yoga

The workouts range from 10 minutes long to 92 minutes long! So, you have a lot of variety. Most of them fall between 25-45 minutes in length.

Overall, I really have been enjoying switching up my yoga routine. It is nice to have these options always available on my computer or phone!

What is your favorite yoga workout? Please share!


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