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Spreading Hope Around the World How We Help

Sometimes I feel like it is a chore trying to be healthy. We have so many temptations surrounding us, whether it is food choices (avoiding fast food, spending more on organic produce, or missing out on your favorites) or just buying regular cleaning and beauty products at a regular store.
But for the most part, besides convenience and money (in the short term...being healthy actually saves money in the long term), we have every opportunity to be healthy.

That isn't the case for more than a billion people around the world.

 Many people don't have access to clean water. In places without water, children carry water from miles away so that their family can have it. A child who is providing the water for a family of for in parts of Africa carry 128 pounds of water daily. While this is difficult and time consuming work, these kids don't have much time to go to school, and therefore can't get the education they need to better their lives. And if this isn't bad enough, many times the water that they are carrying from miles away isn't even clean water.

Lack of access to clean water and sanitation kills children at a rate equivalent of a jumbo jet crashing every four hours.

Wow. Take a minute and think about your own kids and family. Or even yourself if you don't have kids. How drastically different would your life be if you spent most of your day carrying dirty water? How would it effect your kids to not go to school because they are busy helping to provide the bare necessities for the family? I can't stand to think of so many people out there spending their lives carrying polluted water because that is the only option they have. 

That is why half of the profit from this site goes to helping those in need get access to clean water through the Christian Relief Fund. 

Find out more about CRF here.


Other statistics about water (from CRF):

Empower Girls

Safe drinking water sends children (especially girls) back to school,
empowers women, improves community health and fosters economic development.


million people

In 2011, 768 million people were still without access to improved sources of drinking water.


Taking a 5 minute shower uses more water than most people in a developing country slum uses all day.


The average container for water collection in Africa, the jerry can, weighs over 40 lbs when full.

million hours

In just one day, 200 million work hours are consumed by women collecting water for their families.

Give back with Healthologie

50% of the profits from this site go to help those in need. When you make a purchase through an affiliate link or buy a product, you are making a difference in the world!


  1. Vanessa Brown says:

    You are doing the right thing by promoting causes like this. Great work and good luck with your blog!

  2. Tess says:

    Love this! We so take it for granted here where clean water is available at the turn of a knob, for the most part. Ever since I started working I’ve made it a habit of donating to Water.org and Heifer International. I may not have the newest cars, or cell phone, but I have what I need. And there are people who truly need the basics for life. This is great what you’re doing. 🙂 Wish you all the luck Jen. 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    So true. We really do take things for granted! Keep up the great work! 😉

  4. Julie Sanders says:

    Such a great message to send out to your readers. You are a very smart and inspirational woman. Keep up the good work on your blog!

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