Why Consistency Beats Motivation Every Time

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March 18, 2016
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Why Consistency Beats Motivation Every Time

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We have all heard it (or said it) a thousand times: I just need to get motivated to ____.” Whether you fill in the blank with “exercise more” or “get healthy” or “lose weight,” we have the tendency to wait until motivation strikes us to get started.

The Truth About Motivation

Motivation is great. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to motivation. I love the quotes and photos. They get me excited to get back on track.

But the truth about motivation is that it won’t get you to where you need to go. Maybe it is the starting point. Maybe it will help you break out of those bad habits. Motivation isn’t enough keep you in the game though. You only need enough motivation to get started and make that goal a habit.

The Truth About Consistency

I believe there are different paths to health. For some people, they may thrive as vegetarians. Maybe the Paleo diet works for you, or you can do well with clean eating. For me, the most successful path has been the ketogenic diet. It fits my tastes and my health goals the best, and I have cycled through many different diets.

The hardest thing is to be consistent. It is also the most important thing. (Funny how that so often goes together.) Nothing will work for you unless you remain consistent. No diet, no pill, no exercise routine. Even if you just make very small steps in the right direction consistently, they will add up to massive results. And any step in the right direction, no matter how small, is so much better than a step in the wrong direction.

I know you know this, but I want to challenge you. Don’t make this harder than it is. There is no magic pill or any way to get through breaking bad habits and replacing them with healthy lifestyle choices. You have to do the work…consistently.

As an entrepreneur and a graphic designer I once read a book called The War of Art. It is an interesting, straightforward read, and is especially helpful to those in creative professions. However, the principles in the book can be applied to pursuing your health goals. You have to do the work. Every day. Be consistent and over time you will see the results you have dreamed about.

Make It Happen

In one of my exercise programs, the trainer said, “If you are tired of starting over, stop quitting.” These are simple, yet ultimately powerful words. It is common sense. But as someone who has started over time and again, they are meaningful to me.

Although there is power in starting over, you see so much more power in yourself if you stop quitting in the first place. I am constantly trying. I fall down, and I make mistakes, and sometimes I have cheat meals (or weekends), but I never stop trying to do what is best for my body. I hope you don’t give up on yourself or your family either. It is too important.

If you are trying to be more consistent, good for you! I highly recommend the books The War of Art (warning: there is some bad language) and The Compound Effect. Both books, although they aren’t health and wellness books, have changed my life and my ability to make progress on all of my goals, including my health goals. Plus, if you need help being consistent and making small steps every day, try my program, Get Healthy in 90 Days. Small steps made consistently over time lead to massive results.

What has made consistency easier for you? Do you recommend any books or programs to keep you on track?


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  1. Julie Sanders says:

    I also take to the internet for motivation. My social feeds are loaded with positive messages and people that want me to succeed so that is a major help. I also agree that in order to keep going you cannot quit. Thanks for the daily motivation on your blog!

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